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Welcome To Trishul Geyser Repair & Geyser Sales, Bangalore. We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the Best Gas & Electric Geyser Sales & Services solutions for all types of brands & also Water Purifier Sales, Repair and Service Solutions for All Types of Water Purifiers at Very Affordable Prices at Your Doorstep. We have professional trained Technicians working under us who match the industry standards service of water heaters and who work according to your convenience, we have been in the water heater / Geyser business since the 2013* and truly look forward to customer satisfaction.

Trishul Geyser Repair & Geyser Sales is a reputable gas/electric geyser & RO water purifier Sales & service centre that offers a wide range of high-quality water purification and Geyser sales & services. Our team of highly skilled technicians is well-equipped to handle any kind of water purification issue, ensuring that your water is safe, clean and healthy to drink. 

We provide doorstep Geyser (gas/electric) Repair & Service in Bangalore. A We are specializing in Geyser Repairing of any model and brand. You can be rest assured of quality service in Bangalore. We offer service quicker and quality service than any other service providers in the Water Heater or Geyser service industry. We provide repair service at your doorstep within one hour. We are Water Heater specialist dealers in all type of Electrical branded Geysers & LPG Gas Geysers

Our Successful History

Trishul Geyser Repair & Geyser Sales Bangalore – Say No to Impure Water and Love Healthy Living at Your Doorstep in Bangalore. & also get best quality Gas & Electric Geyser installation & services at your doorstep. With over 9 years expertise in the Geyser & water purifier services, we have come to know that the right water is the start for healthy lifestyle. 

Therefore, we provide Dedicated Geyser & RO service provider in Bangalore, India offering on-time repair and maintenance services at all PIN Codes in Bangalore. 

100% quality services 

100% Satisfaction 

100% guaranteed products 

100% expert & well-mannered technicians 

Our experienced technicians are ready to provide the service at your Doorstep by a singly call only. 

We know how Geyser for hot water & water purifier is important for our daily life, so we are committed to our customer for a satisfied & qualitative service. Contact us today for more info. 



Our mission as a Geyser & water purifier sales & service company is to provide safe and clean drinking water to our customers by utilizing the latest technology and techniques in water purification, our goal is to promote a healthier lifestyle by providing access to pure and safe water for all. Our fundamental vision is defined by producing best Quality Water heater/Geysers (LPG Gas/ Electric) &  innovative water purifier products .


To provide best quality Electreic/Gas Geyser/water heater installations sales/services & safe and clean drinking water to every household and community, The company could strive to educate customers on the importance of clean water and the potential health benefits.

To be a master class in inventive brilliance. We strive to bring to fruition for our customers. 


  • Water Heater/Geyser works fully automatically to satisfy your requirements of Hot Water round the clock.  
  • We have our own team of technicians for under warranty and after warranty services. We provide before sales service such as site visit and recommend the right system as per customer’s requirements and end usage. 
  • Our firm offers many different services, Geyser (Electric/Gas) Sales & Services And also Water purifier sales & services. 
  • and we always do our best to provide the greatest possible Quality in Geyser & Water Purifier Sales & Services. 
  • The time has come to ensure  
  • the safety of you and your loved ones by installing water purification systems  
  • that meet or exceed industry requirements for  
  • delivering clean drinking water and safeguarding against water-borne diseases 

Why People Choose Us

Our service costs are very competitive. Our inspection charge is the lowest in the market. We have technicians to service all kind of Geyser & RO water purifiers, based on your brand and model we will send the experienced technician. 

  • Lowest Inspection Charge 
  • Expert Technicians 
  • Satisfied Clients 
  • On-Time Service. 
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